Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 04 - The Washing of the Clothes

More cursing at my stupidity, a puzzling shower with tubes. A lovely breakfast and a haircut to erase a few years from my life. I explain, 3 hours and 60 pounds later I hold the shape of a new woman. Some cheap pasties, the hunt for a bathroom, the Minster. Where I lit a candle, shed a single tear, and tried my best at an unselfish prayer. If you do not feel something in one of these places, you are not alive. Bought a gift for someone who may no longer want it.

The crypt - have I not been here coldly before?

The Yorkshire museum, the day before, the ruined abbey at dusk - the Castle museum (oh to be an American!), too long at a Starbucks running up a mobile bill for the ages, and off to wander, shop, and watch more shit close. Back to the hotel at 5:30 out of boredom and silly photos, out for my first chicken tikka at 7:30. Asleep at 9:30 and shit! Awake at 4 to most likely ruin my next day.

I accomplish even less alone...